Who we Are

SAYA is an architectural, planning and design practice in a constant search for new and inspiring solutions to old problems. The core vision that leads our work is “Design for Change”: We are interested in the impact design has on the public good and wish to  promote public interests and social causes through architecture, design, planning and policy development. Ranging between visioning public spaces, green development and understanding the connection between conflict resolution and planning, we aim to promote a vision of a safer, more peaceful and socially efficient world, and believe in the pro-active role  architects bear in fulfilling these goals.

The core of our work is oriented around  Resolution Planning – a term we coined to describe the use of architectural and urban design tools for the promotion of Conflict Resolution concepts. Our work in the Israel-Palestinian context- planning at the aid of peace building- has become one of our major specialties. Resolution Planning is now being extended to other territorial challenges and disputes in order to explore its the global potentials and benefits.

This core-work allows us to define a broader scope of tasks- using various means of architecture and design for promoting ideas, planning future realities, and aiding decision making processes. Following these broader visions, we continue to devote our time and skills to the promotion of positive ideas and significant places through design. Whether it is the public good, public interest, resolution of territorial disputes, development, environmental or educational challenges- we see every cause for positive change as an opportunity for innovative design.

Our practice  was founded by Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat and Karen Lee Bar-Sinai (Brachah) in 2006. Our name- SAYA – stands for “Studio Aya”- and was constructed in loving memory of our friend, and partner, Aya Shapira.

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