The Practice

SAYA is an architectural and planning practice providing design, research, and consultancy services.

SAYA’s main focus is its pioneering “Resolution Planning” work, characterized by deployment of architectural and urban design tools for promotion of Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management facilities.

The practice was founded by Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat and Karen Lee Bar-Sinai (Brachah) in 2006 Since, the firm has been involved in a broad array of projects dealing with planning, negotiation and conflict resolution, specializing in issues related to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this context SAYA has developed scenarios, master plans, designs and policy documents for briefing and aiding policy makers in Israel and abroad. SAYA has taken part in various Israeli-Palestinian cooperations, in international workshops and conferences, as well as in teaching workshops in Israel in Europe. Throughout its work, SAYA has been contributing to changing the role and involvement of architecture in the realm of dispute resolution and peace building.

SAYA’s clients range from major peace Initiatives in the region, through NGOs in Israel and abroad, International institutions to private clients. Its work has been presented to policy makers in Israel and abroad, to the Israeli prime minister, The Peace and Security Council, The Negotiation Support Unit, The IDF, as well as to high rank diplomats across the world.

SAYA stands for “Studio Aya” and was constructed in loving memory of our friend and partner, Aya Shapira.

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