Ben Hinom Valley: Future Separation in an Open Urban Area (2004/5, revisited 2008)



The project addresses the challenge of separating an open urban space and a historical valley under a permanent status agreement, based on the Geneva Accord proposed border (2003). The project proposes a path for separation based on the local topography and existing elements on site. It demonstrates a case in which a close-up architectural/ landscape planning look at border paths can assist creating corrections to draft proposals and sensitively bring them in line with the urban landscape.

Fact Sheet

Project: Ben Hinom Valley- Future Separation in an Open Urban Area

Status: completed

Client: ECF (Economic Cooperation Foundation), funded by the Finnish Foreign Office

Location: Ben Hinom Valley, Jerusalem


Team: First version: Aya Shapira, Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Yehuda Greenfield Gilat, Revisited version included a joint Israeli-Palestinian team: Kobi Ruthenberg, Chen Farkas in cooperation with PDF (the Palestinian Democracy Forum), East Jerusalem.