A movie featuring SAYA in the documentary web series “Chipping Away”

The Chipping Away documentary web series profiles some of the newest and most creative civil society peace projects underway in Israel and Palestine. We invite you to watch part 1 of the series – featuring SAYA/ Design for Change ( Read more

ARCHITACTICS is now displaying at USIP, Washington DC

ARCHITACTICS exhibit now on at USIP in Washington, DC Read more

Is Peace Possible? Interactive Map

“Is Peace Possible – Interactive Map” is a unique online tool: Addressing the issue of Borders in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it engages users to construct their own border proposal.
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Designing a “YES” Seminar-Series- by SAYA at Harvard University

“Designing a Yes” seminar-series is taught by SAYA in collaboration with The Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School Read more

Memory Fields | Competition Entry, Ramat Ishai, Israel 2012

MEMORY FIELDS: Remembrance and Community Life – A memorial center in Ramat Ishai, Israel | Competition Entry, 2012
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NATURE IN A BOX: Proposal for a Natural History Museum, Jerusalem 2012

NATURE IN A BOX – proposal for the Jerusalem Nature Museum – a green urban path linking the national museums in Jerusalem
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A renewed public space for Kibbutz Be’eri, 2012

Proposal for the renewal of the public grounds of kibbutz Be’eri (Israel), meant to fit the changing needs of the growing collective community.
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Tourism without Borders (2012)

A unique attempt to create an alternative tourism experience, created jointly by Israelis and Palestinians, and supported jointly by locals, tourists and tourism professionals. Read more

Addressing affordable housing (2011)

Supported by a private donor, SAYA was requested to address a pressing social issue in Israel, and come up with a solution for affordable housing. Read more

INSIDE-OUT: Proposal for a visitor-center and museum, Rosh Pina

INSIDE-OUT- Our proposal for the Rosh Pina historical village visitor center and museum connects old and new, natural and built.
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Is Peace Possible? the core issues of the Israeli-Palestinain conflict

“Is Peace Possible?” examines the opportunities and challenges of reaching a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and a future state of Palestine Read more

Terrestrial Jerusalem – Visual Concept and Website

Terrestrial Jerusalem (“TJ”) is an Israeli non-profit organization devoted to the illumination of Israeli-Palestinian relations in Jerusalem.
SAYA assists TJ on a regular basis with the production of info-graphics, maps, aids and materials.
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Fields of Memory- Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial proposal

Linking the lost and the existing, the absent and the present, a site for commemoration with leisure urban activity: We proposed a semi surreal holocaust memorial, appearing as a rust looking wheat field which seems to have sprung out of the existing boardwalk to surround a reflecting pool.
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An Educational Recycling Park, Kfar Saba, Israel

Outdoor Recycling park along with a re-use workshop Read more

Public Housing: An Installation proposal for Safra Square, Jerusalem (2010)

The installation in the square describes an optimal democratic condition in which the houses of Jerusalem are part of its public sphere, and the public sphere is the house of the people Read more

The Border Regime for Jerusalem in Peace

The project, aspiring to study the anticipated future tourism industry in Jerusalem and its interface with the overall Israeli- Palestinian border regime, responds to the challenges of Jerusalem as the heart of the future states and a common border area simultaneously. The study aims, therefore, to extract a set of policies and recommendations regarding East and West Jerusalem which will enhance future touristic activity on both sides, maintaining their nature as a common holy place, and a unique, significant location on the global scale. Read more

Approaches for the Palestinian Re-Use of Evacuated Israeli Settlements

This work analyzes the settlements in both their current and future context. Their potential role and re-use is evaluated accordingly, as they are addressed in various scales- national, regional, urban, and building scales. Read more

00_The Geneva Accord and Annexes

Jerusalem Annex to the Geneva Accord

The annex to the Geneva Accords addresses the planning and design challenges that will arise from the delineation of a border through Jerusalem. It proposes planning, design, and urban strategy measures to ensure the political resolutions are implemented for the benefit of both sides of the city. Read more

A City Border and Crossing point along Road 60, Jerusalem (2006, revisited 2008)

The project provides a conceptual design for an Israeli-Palestinian crossing in Jerusalem, exploring and addressing the challenges an inner city division will raise. Read more

Ben Hinom Valley: Future Separation in an Open Urban Area (2004/5, revisited 2008)

The project addresses the challenge of separating an open urban space and a historical valley under a permanent status agreement Read more

Urban Separation in Mixed Neighborhoods: The Case of Abu Tor/Abu Tur (2005, revisited 2008)

The project proposes a path, form and strategy for approaching separation in a dense mixed neighborhood in Jerusalem. Read more

Entrance and exit terminals to the Old City: Jaffa Gate & Dung Gate, (2007)

This work is one in a series of projects utilize architectural methods for advancing conflict resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The project explores the basic guides for integrating future border crossings around the Old City, around Jaffa and Dung Gates. Read more

Jerusalem 2050: A Plan for an Uncertain Future, Public competition, MIT, USA (2007)

The competition, initiated by MIT, called for proposals addressing the problems of conflicted Jerusalem by looking at them as challenges in urban design, rather than in the realms of policy making or international diplomacy. SAYA’s proposal was framework for solution, rather than one fixed plan. Read more

Guidelines for Adapting the Old City to a Special Regime

The Old City of Jerusalem is perhaps the most contentious issue in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and will certainly be a corner stone in any future solution of it. Its sovereignty, administration and control are questions of great dispute, and its holy sites resonate powerfully in the hearts and minds of Muslims, Jews and Christians around the world. Read more

Borders workshop | Bergün, Switzerland, July 2005

Borders student workshop in Bergün, Switzerland, July 2005 – A laboratory of tools, patterns and interventions – a microcosm of border production and change. Read more

A Transportation Border-Zone, Jerusalem | Diploma Project, 2004

The project illustrates a detailed segment of a possible Israeli-Palestinian border within Jerusalem, based on the “Geneva Accord” (2003). It was developed to explore the possibility of creating border zones of mutual infrastructure and use along a future division line. Read more


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