Draw your own Israeli-Palestinian Boarder- Our Interactive Feature launched with the Atlantic

Read the Atlantic article: Crowd-sourcing an Israeli-Paelstinian Border (published December 6th, 12).

Check out the Interactive Map.

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About “Is Peace Possible?” – Interactive Map

The “Is Peace Possible – Interactive Map” is a unique interactive tool available online. Developed by SAYA/Design for Change with the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace during 2012, the interactive feature addresses the issue of Borders in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and aims to engage  policy makers and the general public with the issue. The feature is a “draw your own map” tool , presenting  the complexities and possibilities in delineating a final-status border between Israel and Palestine.

About “Is Peace Possible?”

The Interactive Map is an addition to the “Is Peace Possible?” – a multi-platform project developed by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, SAYA/Design for Change, and The Atlantic on the opportunities and challenges of reaching a comprehensive resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The initial project is organized around four core issues of the conflict: Borders, Security, Refugees, and Jerusalem – presented on a unique website platform – containing animated and narrated presentation videos for each issue.

Designing New Tools for Conflict Resolution

Once the “Is Peace Possible” website was created and presented through the Atlantic website, it created a platform for discussion and idea sharing across different communities. We then sought of new ways to engage the public in the discussion and the actual process of conflict resolution, focusing on the issue of Borders. How could we tackle a controversial issue with a fresh perspective, bringing forth the multi layered information required for constructing a border (such as geographical data, population statistics, connectivity issues, past proposals, facts of the ground) in a simple and clear manner? Over the past year, SAYA has embarked, together with the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace on a project to create a simple interactive tool that incorporates multi layered data in a visually clear and appealing manner that engages and educates the user on the process of delineating an Israeli-Palestinian permanent status border.