What We Do


We devote our time, our minds and our skills for promoting positive ideas and significant places through design. Whether it is the public good, public interest, resolution of territorial disputes, development, environmental or educational challenges- we see every cause for positive change as an opportunity for innovative design.

Our practice is a combination of a value driven approach and a holistic view of architecture and planning. We practice planning, architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, product design and even visual and interactive communication- all of which are used as means for shaping and promoting inspiring ideas.

We work with NGOs, municipalities, international organizations as well as with public and private bodies who seek to create or promote change by means of design. Our projects are therefore selected by their intention rather than their scale or form.  We apply an out-of-the-box approach for creating significant and memorable places and lasting impacts. We believe innovative and responsible solutions help promote a better, just and more sustainable human environments.

Our team shares a socially-aware, conscientious approach towards architecture, planning and design. We all believe architects have a significant commitment to their surroundings, and for using their tools in the best effective way for promoting better places and positive change around us.

Our visions and plans include various forms and scales of design:

Resolution planning– A pioneering approach applying planning tools for aiding Conflict Resolution processes. read more

Architecture for people– Designing with responsibility does not merely include attention to form, space and details; it is a broader commitment the wider political, social and environmental context the object is rooted in. read more

From vision to visual– Sometimes one chart, scheme or map is worth a thousand words.  We specialize in transforming visions and complex notions from vague ideas to a  refined graphic representation. read more

Urban opportunities– We are passionate about the power of vision and initiative to create better cities and places, and believe that with the right approach and design any challenge  becomes an opportunity. read more

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