Resolution Planning

Resolution planning– A pioneering approach applying planning tools for aiding Conflict Resolution processes.

The term Resolution Planning emerged while we sought to define the planning and design work we have done in preparation for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Originating from the world of planning and design, the tools, methodologies and design data-base we create help promote better resolutions which place cities, spaces and societies at their center. We look at the different planning challenges emerging from a conflicted context, analyze the area and its spatial components, and propose various visions, solutions and strategies for sustainable peace-building.

This concept has led to our involvement in a broad array of projects dealing with planning, development and conflict resolution, and to our specialty in resolving aspects and issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian territorial dispute. In this context, SAYA has designed scenarios, master plans, and policy proposal documents for final-status solutions, and developed studies, presentations and briefings to aid policy makers in Israel and abroad. SAYA has also taken part in various Israeli-Palestinian cooperation projects, participated in international workshops and conferences, and took part in teaching workshops around the globe.

Our Resolution Planning work is commissioned by international organizations, NGOs, peace initiatives as well as by private and academic bodies. It is widely disseminated and presented to policy makers and state leaders on a global scale.

For projects in this category see for example:

Jerusalem Annex to the Geneva Accord
The Border Regime for Jerusalem in Peace
Approaches for the Palestinian Re-Use of Evacuated Israeli Settlements
Ben Hinom Valley: Future Separation in an Open Urban Area (2004/5, revisited 2008)
Urban Separation in Mixed Neighborhoods: The Case of Abu Tor/Abu Tur (2005, revisited 2008)
A City Border along Road 60, Jerusalem (2006, revisited 2008)

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