Designing a “YES” Seminar-Series- by SAYA at Harvard University


in collaboration with Dr. Shula Gilad, PON, Harvard Law School

“Designing a Yes” is a seminar-series taught by SAYA in collaboration with Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and the Program on Negotiation (Harvard Law School).  It focuses on the role and contribution of Design to negotiations and explores how creative and spatial thinking can aid peace processes.

Session 1: 9/28/2012 Harvard Law School (Griswold Hall, 110) 12:10-1pmIntroduction to “Resolution Planning”, by Karen Lee Bar-Sinai. Chair: Prof. James Sebenius

Session 2: 11/20/2012 Harvard Graduate School of Design (Stubbins Room, 112), 12:00-1:15pmDesigning a Yes in Jerusalem, by Karen Lee Bar-Sinai. Chair: Prof. Diane Davis

Watch the second seminar on youtube

Session 3:  1/09/2013, Harvad Law School (Hauser Hall) The role of designers in negotiating Israeli- Palestinian borders

Session 4: 2/22/13, Harvard Law School (Room TBA)Design, planning and the future of Settlements by Karen Lee Bar-Sinai.

Session 5: April , 2013-  Workshop (Date and room TBA)Practicing Spatial Thinking in Negotiations, by Karen Lee Bar-Sinai and Dr. Shula Gilad