INSIDE-OUT: Proposal for a visitor-center and museum, Rosh Pina


The competition:

The historic village of Rosh Pina wished to create a visitor center to the site as well as a small museum, and a diagonal elevator leading from the parking lot level to the historic village uphill. The given site for the facility was on the mountain-slope, where currently stands an abandoned theatre obstructing the movement of visitors up the mountain.

The Proposal: INSIDE OUT

SAYA felt the site should allow visitors to go uphill, and enjoy the landscape and view, starting their inside-out form of tour at the beginning of their visit.

We therefore proposed to replace the theatre with a U shape building positioned vertically to the mountain. ThisĀ  allows to allocate many of the functions under the mountain rather than above it, bring back the natural greenery, and create a hiking path in between the two building parts.

An inside-out experience– the proposed path allows the visitors many ways to visit the building and go up-hill, binding natural and the built similarly to the historical village.

An inside-out design– The historic village was built up in stone during the beginning of the last century. Rather than imitating the old stone with a new type of stone, SAYA proposed to reflect the disparity between old and new, and create a contrast to it with the new building.


The proposal for a visitor-center and museum in Rosh Pina, suggests INSIDE-OUT concept binding the landscape and the new building and creating a path in between them.

Fact Sheet

Project: INSIDE-OUT Visitor-center and museum

Status: Competition entry

Client: The historic village of Rosh Pina committee

Location: Rosh Pina, Israel

Budget: n/a

Program: A visitor center and museum serving as an entrance facility to the Historic Village of Rosh-Pina.


Design: SAYA with Gilad Ulman. Team: Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat, Chen Farkas

3D Rendering: Hanan Ben-Shoshan