Jerusalem Annex to the Geneva Accord

From “Jerusalem” to “Yerushalayim” and “Al-Quds” | A planning guide for peace

The “Geneva Accord” is an extra-governmental peace-proposal aiming to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was launched in 2003 and is frequently referenced today among policy makers worldwide as a feasible framework for a two-state solution.

SAYA’s extensive annex to the Geneva Accord focuses on some of the major planning and design challenges that will arise from the delineation of a border through Jerusalem. It proposes planning, design, and urban strategy measures to ensure the political resolutions are implemented for the benefit of both sides of the city.

This annex forms a foundation for approaching the division of Jerusalem from the urban and architectural point of view. The chapters focus on selected urban sites along the future border. Solutions are proposed for each side- both for a sensitive separation, and for a viable connection between the two sides and peoples. The annex provides a planning guide as well as a solution-bank for the city’s separation. Using it as such will increase the chances of successfully implementing any final status agreement for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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